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Prek Thnout Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Location: Kampot Province
Organization involved: Save Cambodia's Wildlife
Description: Prek Tnout ecotourism site is partially located within Bokor National Park, with biodiversity of regional and global significance including rare and endangered species. It is 30km west of Kampot Town along National Road 3 and 90km east of Preah Sihanouk province along National Road 4. Save Cambodia's Wildlife (SCW) facilitated community-based ecotourism at the site and is strongly supported by local authorities and Bokor National Park. The site is entirely run by local villagers themselves, and income from tourist activities directly benefits the community.

Virachey National Park Community-Based Ecotourism Initiative

Location: Rattanak Kiri Province (Northeast)
Organization involved: The Biodiversity and Protected Areas Mangement Project (BPAMP) and the Ministery of Environment
Description: Virachey Nation Park is the largest and most remote national park in Cambodia located at the borders of Vietnam and Lao PDR. The park contains mountains, forests, grasslands and valleys largely unexplored and undisturbed by humans. They may still harbour new and undiscovered wildlife species, while endangered species like the tiger live in the park. Indigenous, hill tribe people represent the cultural diversity in the region. A programme is developed aiming to create a range of quality, trekking-based tours that incorporate the unique conservation values and cultures of the park's indigenous people.

Yeak Laom Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Location: Rattanak Kiri Province (Northeast)
Organization involved: No (fully control and manage by the community)
Description: The major attraction is an 800-meter round volcanic lake and the presence of indigenous Tampuen, people who manage the site. The forest around the lake is stunning, with tall trees and a lush undergrowth including bamboo, wild ginger and ferns. Brightly colored butterflies feed around the lake edge. Yeak Laom Lake lies in an area of protected forest managed by indigenous highlanders. Some say that the lake is the result of volcanic activity. Local Tampuen people say it is a gift from the spirits. Either way, it is an exquisite and deeply spiritual place.

Osvay Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Location: Stung Treng Province
Organization involved: CEPA (Culture and Environment Preservation Association)
Description: Osvay can be characterized by its rich biodiversity starting from mangrove forests, Mekong Islands and river beaches to a variety of different bird species such as the Black Cormorant. Tourists can enjoy hiking through the forests and meeting friendly, local people.

O'Russey Kandal Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Location: Stung Treng Province
Organization involved: Mlup Baitong
Description: The O'Russey Kandal is a CBET community in Stung Treng Province, situated approximately 28 km south of the provincial town along National Highway 7. The community is comprised of only one village with a population of 446 families. The CBET development was introduced to support people in the community to have possibilities to effectively protect and manage their natural resources while improving their livelihood in an equitable and sustainable manner.

Preah Rumkel Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Location: Stung Treng Province
Organization involved: Mlup Baitong
Description: Preah Rumkel, a small village alongside the Mekong River, has quiet, beautiful places for watching Irrawaddy dolphins. It is on the way to the great Mekong Falls which leave a big impression on every visitor. Preah Rumkel is located in a wetland area and has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife and bird watching. In addition to that, visitors can try the famous sticky rice wine which is only available at Preah Rumkel community.

Koh Pdao Community Development Tour

Location: Kratie Province (Northeast Cambodia)
Organization involved: Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT)
Description: At Koh Pdao, an island in the Mekong, you will find the Koh Pdao Dolphin Pool. This is one of the few places where you can see the rare Irrawaddy river dolphin. With the Community Development Tour you travel up the Mekong River from Kratie to Koh Pdao Island. During the 2,5 day visit to the community you learn about the lives and stories of the Cambodians and stay in their homes as a guest. You will participate in project activities and get involved with the community. This will give a rare glimpse of how Cambodians live in the countryside.

Thmatboey Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Location: Preah Vihear Province (Norhtern Plains)
Organization involved: Wildlife Conservation Society and Sam Veasna Center
Description: Tmatboey is an isolated village located in Kulen Promtep Wildlife Sanctuary in the Northern Plains of Cambodia. The site supports globally important breeding populations of two Critically Endangered Ibis species: the Giant Ibis – a near-mythical species - and the White-shouldered Ibis, in the only known nesting site of this species. Visitors walk through a rich eco-system of open woodlands, seasonally-inundated grasslands, deciduous dipterocarp forest and scattered wetlands. Between the 9th and 15th centuries A.D. the Khmer Empire based at Angkor dominated the landscape and many features can still be seen today.

Chi Phat Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Location: Koh Kong (Coastal Cardamom Rangers)
Organization involved: Wildlifealliance
Description: Welcome to mainland SE Asia's largest remaining tract of rainforest. Travel up a magnificent river to visit the Chi Phat Community Based Ecotourism project in the heart of the Cardamom Mountains. Our project aims to build capacity and create alternative livelihoods to protect the surrounding environment of the commune. We welcome you to Chi Phat and will be pleased to guide you through a wide array of attractions in the area that form the core of this community inspired ecotourism project.

Prek Toal Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Location: Battambang Province (Tonle Sap Area)
Organization involved: Osmose
Description: From Siem Reap you can make a daytrip to Prek Toal to see the impressive water bird spectacle, the pristine flooded forest, the traditional fishing and the traditional floating community. In the dry season (November – March) thousands of endangered species of birds, such as storks, adjutants, pelicans and ibises come to the area to breed in the sanctuary. Around the core area lie several fishing villages comprising 1200 families living in houses floating on a bamboo rafts or in houseboats, an adaptation to the ebb and flow of the lake.

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