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Pchum Ben Day or All Soul Day

Pchum Ben Day or All Soul Day

Running for 15 days from the end of September into October, and the exact date determined by the lunar calendar, this festival is dedicated to blessing...

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Cambodian Food

Prahok Kties

Prahok KtiesOur first meal in Cambodia consisted of fresh vegetables and prahok | More

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  On Accommodation

Is Cambodia a safe country to visit?

Although Cambodia has suffered years of atrocities, since 1975 the country has returned to become the peaceful state it now is.  Foreigners are often misled by news about landmines and fighting, but these are all things of the past.  There are a few remote areas near the borders where troops are still working on clearing landmines left behind during the war, but for the most part, Cambodia is safe.

What type of hotels are there in Cambodia?

Cambodia is a modern country and many parts of it are developing at a swift rate.  The tourism industry is the second largest industry in the country. Therefore, you will find international  5-star hotels such as the Intercontinental Hotel, Raffles Hotel le Royal, Le Meridien Hotel, and Sofitel, along with a multitude of chic boutique hotels.  Additionally, there are more affordable hotels and guesthouses of various sizes and grades to satisfy tourists’ requirements and budget.

Can I find accommodation for around US $10 per night and what can I expect?

$5-$10: May get you a room with a bed and a fan at a backpacker-friendly guesthouse. Most of these will provide a clean mattress with sheets that are changed only when you leave. You may have to share a common bathroom. Some rooms may come with hot water, many not.

$10-$20: May get you a more comfortable room with an air-conditioner, a bed, and a clean bathroom. Don’t expect any frills, though some rooms may provide a fridge and cable TV.  Some small guest houses have their rooms cleaned daily.

$20+: This falls under small hotels and guesthouses. As the price rises, you may expect extras, such as TV with full cable, DVD player, breakfast, pool and sauna, etc.

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