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Places of Interest - Stung Treng Province

Badoeum Temple - Stung Treng Province

The ruins of the Badoeum Temple are located in Sam Khuoy commune, Se San district. The temple was built in the reign of King Jayavarman I during the 6-7th centuries, in dedication to Brahmanism, with most of the construction material being either brick or sandstone.

Prasat Kou & Andong Boran - Stung Treng Province

The 'Prasat Kou', which means the 'twin temple', is one of the oldest temple ruins in Stung Treng province, located in the heart of the jungle of Kam Phun commune, Se San district. It is approximately 5 km. away from the Badeoum temple and about 25 km. east of Stung Treng's provincial town.

Next to the Brasat Kou and the two stone pieces, there is another large piece of stone measuring about 7 meters in diameter, called the 'Andong Boran' which means the ‘ancient drill', located on the surface of the stone. This ancient drill is about 1 meter in diameter and about 1 meter deep over the stone which is perpetually full of water even during the dry season.

O’Chab Water Rapids - Stung Treng Province

The O'Chab water rapids are a popular place for taking a bath or swimming during the dry season. The beautiful green plantation foliage provides ample shade in the water rapids area making it more pleasant to bathe or swim in the cool and clear water.

Koh Khsach - Stung Treng Province

Koh Khsach is a favorite among tourists during the dry season, especially during Khmer New Year and Chinese New Year.

The 0.5 Kilometers wide and 2 km long island has beautiful sandy riverbanks and a water surface dappled with sunlight. Foreigners enjoy taking time out and relaxing on the sand. Additionally, this sand island provides a good place for take a bath, swimming and fishing.

Koh Khsach is located on Se Kong River, about 5 kilometers eastern direction from Stung Treng town.

Anlong Svay Thom Dolphin Pool - Stung Treng Province

Anlong Svay Thom's Dolphin pool or Preah Romkel Dolphin pool is one of the most cherished sites of  Mekong mammal wildlife preservation area in southeast Asia. The area is one of the few places in Asia where exotic mammals can still be seen in the wild. This lot is located along the Mekong River in Preah Romkel commune, Thala Boriwath district, Stung Treng province.

Ancient Pagodas of Stung Treng - Stung Treng Province

Both the Hang Kho Ba pagoda, which is over 300 years old, and the Hang Savat pagoda are of cultural and historical interest. The majority of the people there speak Lao. Steung Treng province, in which Hang Kho Ba resides, is famed for two local specialties - sweet tamarind fruit and Pa Si Y fish (Pava fish).

Hang Kho Ba pagoda is in Hang Kho commune of Steung Treng district. To get there, travel 6 kilometers on the airport road out of town, then turn left and cross the Se Kong River.


Seam Pang Bird & Wildlife Watching - Stung Treng Province

Bird watching in Seam Pang can be undertaken in Virak Chey National Park, which is home to hundreds of bird species, many of which are endangered. December through March is the best time to visit this highland bird sanctuary when many of the lowland ponds inside the area and Virak Chey National Park have dried up and most of the birds fly along the upper Se Kong River.

O’Pong Mohn Site - Stung Treng Province

The O'Pong Mohn Resort attracts visitors to its natural, small river setting. The spring water, which rises far away in a jungle plateau area, flows all year long and once provided ideal swimming in the past. Today, the flow is restricted due to a partially dammed pond by national road 7. Beside the river, there are additional facilities for leisure and resting up after the hundred kilometer trip from Kratie to Stung Treng province.


Stung Treng’s Silk Weaving Center - Stung Treng Province

Many tourists know that Stung Treng, the northeastern province of Cambodia, is rich in nature tourism sites. The province also has a big silk center for training and handicraft products.

In order to satisfy the demand of an increasing tourist and overseas market, the silk and weaving center was established to generate jobs for local people.

Ramsar of Cambodia’s Mekong River - Stung Treng Province

Ramsar is a word meaning ‘wetland conservation area’. In the Kingdom of Cambodia, there is a Ramsar area along the Mekong River extending from upper Stung Treng town until just below the border of Lao PDR.

It covers 14,600 hectares of the surrounding Mekong River area.

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