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Places of Interest - Cambodia

Katieng Waterfall - Rattanak Kiri Province


Three kilometers from Ka Chanh waterfall is the 10 m high Katieng waterfall. The cascading falls are surrounding by trees that provides welcome shade to the visitors. 

The falls are best viewed from below. At the base of the falls are naturally scattered large boulders that visitors can climb. Also available are elephants for scenic tours of the surrounding forest. 


Lumphat's Wildlife Harmony - Rattanak Kiri Province

Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary is the part of  Ratanak Kiri wildlife sanctuary. It has an area of 2,225 square kilometers, and charms tourists with its picturesque forests and tranquil surroundings. It’s also a haven for a wide range of wildlife, including some endangered species.

Ou’Sinlair Waterfall or 7-level waterfall - Rattanak Kiri Province

Ou’Sinlair waterfall, located in Ratanak Kiri province, is an idyllic destination offering wonderful opportunities for eco-tourism. The area is covered by the emerald forest and surrounding mountains.

This waterfall has kept is secrets well hidden in the jungle until only recently; the road conditions have improved sufficiently to enable the adventurous to experience this wonder natural waterfall during the dry season.

Se San River - Rattanak Kiri Province

The Se San River is one of the most important ecology systems amid the green forestry in the northeast region of Stung Treng and Ratanak Kiri provinces. The river is like shining diamonds and emeralds with white sand beaches while the clear water along the river reflect the mountains and jungle even during the dry season.

Tat Tay Waterfall - Rattanak Kiri Province

The Tat Tay is a beautiful, natural water rapids. While the roads to the rapids are rough, it usually takes about 2 hours by motorbike from town. It is located along the Sre Pork River, in Lum Phat commune, Lum Phat district, Ratanak Kiri province.

Veal Ram Plang - Rattanak Kiri Province

Veal Ram Plang means the Ram Plang field and is an attractive nature spot that is part of the territories of the legendary hill tribe communities living there. It is a mesa plateau area on top of a mountain in Ratanak Kiri province. On this field are grass and wild plants, which flower during the whole rainy season from May till January. Near the field is a small, clean river.

Virachey National Park - Rattanak Kiri Province

Picturesque natural forest, stunning mountains, plateaus, valleys, local ethnic communities and a diverse wildlife all await visitors at Virachey National Park.

Virachey National Park covers an area of 3,325 square kilometers in Veun Sai and Taveng district of Ratanak Kiri province. It’s about 60 km north of Banlung town in Ratanak Kiri province. The Virachey Park serves as the largest national park in Cambodia.

Angkor Wat - Heritage of Humanity and World Wonder - Siem Reap Province

Angkor Wat, which literally means ‘City Temple’, is a Hindu temple complex built to replicate the heavens on earth.  Constructed for King Suryavarman II in the early twelfth century, it is the best-preserved temple and is the only one to have remained a significant religious centre since its foundation. The temple is the epitome of the high classical style of Khmer architecture.

Bousra Waterfall - Mondul Kiri Province

The Bousra Waterfall is conveniently located in Pech Chenda District, 43 kilometers from Sen Monorom. It can be accessed by red soil road. The waterfall is one of the most interesting places for keen tourists.

Angkor Thom Temple - Siem Reap Province

Angkor Thom is a very popular tourist spot. It was established in the late twelfth century to early thirteenth century by King Jayavarman VII. This site is situated 1.7 Km north of Angkor Wat, within which are located several monuments from earlier eras as well as those established by Jayavarman and his successors.

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