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Places of Interest - Pailin Province

Phnom Yat - Pailin Province

In 1922, the Shan migrants built the Wat Phnom Yat on top of Phnom Yat. This is a place of worship at the heart of Pailin. Several stories, folk tales and legends surround the area of the wat and its construction. One such story revolves around a couple with the same name, Yart, who were both gem miners. After they grew old, they meditated together on a mountain now known as Phnom Yart.

Goh-Ay Mountain - Pailin Province

Goh-Ay Mountain in Pailin City is really a wonderful and nice place to visit. The location of the Goh-Ay Mountain is very calm and soothing.

People visiting Cambodia have the opportunity to swim in the river which flows down from the Goh-Ay Mountain. If you want have a good view of the area and want to be adventurous, the dry season is the best time to visit. 

Ceasar Casino - Pailin Province

Thousands of tourists visit Ceasar Casino, Pailin City every year. It is quite a popular casino in Pailin City.

Phnom Keuy Resort - Pailin Province

Phnom Keuy Resort, sometimes referred to as the Blue Mountain Waterfalls, is a natural attraction in Pailin Province. 

Many tourists prefer to trek to this mountain waterfall. Trekking is a real pleasure here because on either side, there are mountains and lovely valleys. The slope is gradual and climbing it is rather easy. After walking the rocky path, trekkers will cross a bridge before reaching Phnom Keuy Resort. Once you reach the waterfalls the clear crystal water and the serene surroundings will amaze you. 

Stung Kuy Eco-resort - Pailin Province

Stung Kuy Resort is located at the northwest of Pailin city. It is 22 kilometers away, in Phnom kuy village Sala krao District, and Sala krao district is close to Kam Reang district that is part of the Battambang province, The Stung Kuy is the  place of natural tourist, water fount is from Thailand that flowing across along both countries, and also flowing through the Mong Kol Borey's river that is part of Banteay Meanchey Province

Wat Rattanak Sopoan - Pailin Province

About 50 meters from the foot of Phnom Yat is another pagoda, Wat Rattanak Sopoan. On the walls of the fence surrounding the pagoda is a bas-relief depicting the story of Churning of the Ocean of Milk ( Ko Samutra Teuk Dos), which is similar to the wonderful base-reliefs on the wall of Angkor Wat.

Kolap Pailin Hand made eco-resort - Pailin Province

The Kolap Pailin hand made is the resort that located at Pailin section and Pailin Province (behind the Phnom Yat Temple) it's 2 kilometers away.

The Otavao waterfall eco-tourism - Pailin Province

Otavao resort is along the Phnom Khiev. There is 9 kilometers distance from the Pailin city, and there are 371 kilometers away from Phnom Penh, from Battambang to Pailin until Thailand's border, there are 105km. Since 1996 late, under the conciliation national political of Cambodia Royal Government and under the wise-talent leadership of Pailin governor, nowadays

Ung Ching Chok the eco-resort of hand made - Pailin Province

The resort of Ung Jing is the village pond to store up the water, for the farmers watering the plants. Especaily there are many hectors of coffee's farm. This villege pond had been made since 1940 century during French colony. The water is flow falling from Phnom Kbal Domrey (elephant's head mountain) and flowing into the village pond that's store up for the farmers to watering the every plant.

Ou Aem Waterfall - Pailin Province

Kilometers always from Pailin province city, is located at Bor Huy village, and Bor Yakha section, Pailin city and Pailin Province, Ou Aem is the natural Eco-resort, at this present time there is no way private company to make investment zone, and there is no way organizational make this area development yet,

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