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Places of Interest - Pursat Province

River Bank Park - Pursat Province

River Bank Park lies along the Pursat river, just north of the concrete bridge on the west side of the town. Originally it was constructed in Sangkum Reas Niyum period, before being destroyed by Pol Pot. Later, the Park has been rebuilt following the instigation and guidance of Mr. H.E. Ung Samy, the Governor of Pursat province. The Park is called 14 Makara (14 January), and marks the day of liberation from Pol Pot’s regime in 1979.

Koh Sampov Meas - Pursat Province

Koh Sampov Meas Island Park lies in the middle of the Pursat River, just in front of the Pursat hospital, 1km north of the first main concrete bridge. Although it is currently in the process of being upgraded to a provincial park for tourists and local residents, it features some fine crafted sculptures for visitors.

Pursat New Market - Pursat Province

Pursat New Market stands along the Pursat riverbank on the west side of the town, about 700m north of the concrete bridge.The market sells everything from agriculture products to electrical goods and jewelry. The fruit stalls are particularly well stocked with an array of fruits, especially the famous local oranges (Kroch Po Sat).

Marble & Wood Carving - Pursat Province

Pursat province is the only region where marble is found and therefore Pursat is very famous throughout the country for its marble products. Skillful craftsmen can be seen at work sculpting huge Buddhas or beautiful statues. There are over 160 carving workshops in most districts, except the mountainous Veal Veng district. Most workshops are small private enterprises, although the odd one employs up to 13 craftsmen. Many workshops and shops in Pursat sell examples of the magnificent marble handiwork, which can make stylish souvenirs.

Kampong Luong, Tonle Sap Great Lake - Pursat Province

The floating village of Kampong Luong on the Tonle Sap is the most unique and interesting place to visit in Pursat Province. It’s a complete village on water populated by over 10,000 inhabitants. Everyone lives in boats and the whole village moves and down with the level of the water in the lake.

Chrak La Eang waterfall - Pursat Province

Chrak La Eang waterfall is a sight of natural beauty, with views of the waterfall and forests. Visitors can swim or slide down the cascading river or relax in the calmer 2km stretch of stream. To get there, head for Chheu Tom commune, Krakor district, and 73km southeast of Pursat town and about 41km from Krakor market.

Phnom Lang Trach - Pursat Province

Phnom Lang Trach is a beautiful mountain region, lying along road No 55, with tall gallery forests and large natural boulders. The site is 49km southeast of Pursat town or, 17km south of Krakor market, situated in Svay Sor commune.

Odar - Pursat Province

Odar is a beautiful natural attraction situated along the Kravanh mountain chain, 55km south of Pursat town and 26km from Phnom Kravanh district. Along both sides of the winding road, you can see forested hills and hear birds and seasonal cicadas humming.

L` bac Kamronh - Pursat Province

For a beautiful year-round river, visit L´Bak Kamronh, about 53km south-west of Pursat town. It is situated in Ang Krong village, Samrong commune Phnom Kravanh district.

Phnom Lok - Pursat Province

Phnom Lok is a famous mountain site where a Buddhist once monk lived on retreat and in solitude for most of his life. It is opposite L´Bac Kamrouh, next to National road No56 on the right side (from east to west).

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