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Places of Interest - Battambang Province

Prek Toal - Battambang Province

From Siem Reap you can make a daytrip to Prek Toal to see the impressive water bird spectacle, the pristine flooded forest, the traditional fishing and the traditional floating community. In the dry season (November – March) thousands of endangered species of birds, such as storks, adjutants, pelicans and ibises come to the area to breed in the sanctuary. Around the core area lie several fishing villages comprising 1200 families living in houses floating on a bamboo rafts or in houseboats, an adaptation to the ebb and flow of the lake.

Phnom Sampuov - Battambang Province


The Phnom Sampuove is the natural resort located along the National Road No 57 (the former National Road No 10) at Sam Puoy commune (the high land having more than 100-meter height) approximately 12-kilometer distance from the provincial town of Battambang. On the top of Sam Puoy Mountain, there are temple and three natural wells, namely Pkar Slar, Lo Khuon and Ak So Pheak. Next to Sam Puoy Mountain, there are some main mountains, the natural sites like Phnom Trung Moan, Phnom Trung Tea and Phnom Neang Rum Say Sork. These mountains related to the Cambodia folk legend of Reach Kol Neang Run Say Sork.


Watt Ek Phnom - Battambang Province

Watt Ek Phnom, a modern pagoda, sits next to some 11th century Angkorian ruins built as Hindu temples under Suryavarm I. The river road drive to Ek Phnom from Battambang passes through some absolutely beautiful countryside.

Sek Sak Resort - Battambang Province

Sek Sak is a natural resort, which has been popular since before the civil war. Sek Sak stretches along the river bank full of plants, trees and bamboo-green nature. 

Prasat Snung - Battambang Province

Prasat Snung consists of three separated stupas made of brick in Snung pagoda’s area, Snung commune, Ba Nan District, about 22-kilometre (14 mi) distance from the provincial town. Based on the style of the gate, the temple is similar to other temples in 12th century. 

Ba Set Temple - Battambang Province

Ba Set Temple was built during the reign of King, Soriyak Varman I (1002–1050) and located on a hill at Ba Set village, Ta Pun commune in 15-kilometre (9 mi) distance from the provincial town. Ba Set temple adapts the architecture of 11th century temples. Next to the temple, there is a pond having 20-metre (66 ft) length 12-metre (39 ft) width and 10-metre (33 ft) depth. The pond is never dry, even in the dry season. In rainy season, the water level is higher than usual.

Museum of Battambang - Battambang Province

The Museum of Battambang Province located downtown is relatively small but very interesting indeed. Many lintels are exposed as well as Buddha statues, figurines

Bamboo Train - Battambang Province

Enjoy a unique experience on the “Bamboo Train” in the middle of the lush countryside.The Bamboo Train (unique in Cambodia and it’s at Battambang !) is a small motorized platform that follows in a few miles the narrow gauge railroad linking Phnom Penh to Battambang

Sangker River - Battambang Province

Battambang city is built along the Sangker river. Because Sangker river and Tonle Sap Lake is connected, visitors can travel back and forth between Siem Reap and Battambang by boat through this beautiful waterway. On the both sides of the river, there are protected Wetlands and narrow bays, and the middle is the floating village of people who live with traditional mediocre lifestyle. August 1 is the deep water period, and taking a yacht back and forth is available, only 4 hours between Siem Reap and Battambang. Shallow water period, only the small boat is available, and the traveling period is yacht’s twice.

Phare Ponleu Selpak - Battambang Province

It is situated in National Highway number 5, Anhchanh Village, O’Char Commune, Battambang. The nonprofit organization was founded in 1994, freely provides basic education to disadvantaged children, and is divided into 3 schools respectively training about traditional music, visual art and circus in order to promote local art development and help them to be self-relience. Visitors can visit their training daily. Graduates normally perform the circus, Khmer mythological drama and traditional music in the tent behind the school dormitory. The performance days are different every month, please visit the official website for detail: http://www.phareps.org .

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