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Places of Interest - Stung Treng Province

Lbak Khaon (or Sophamith) - Stung Treng Province

Cambodian children who have finished their ninth grade studies know well the geography lesson of the mighty waterfalls Lbak Khaon in the north of Cambodia. They know that this is an area where the Mekong River tumbles down 26m of tiered rock-faces at the border of Cambodia and Laos PDR. However, most have probably never had the opportunity to visit there.

In the rainy season, when the water levels of the river rise and rise to meet the top of the riverbank, the huge volume and speed of the falls create a spectacular blanket of mist; while in the dry season, when the water recedes, menacing sharp-edged rocks surface. The exposed area of the falls becomes a field of colorful rocks, of reds, blacks and whites.

Borey O’Svay - Stung Treng Province

Borey O’Svay is located in O’Savy commune of Thala Borivath district and is one of the most popular ecotourism destinations for both local Cambodians and foreign tourists wishing to experience an authentic Khmer community. 

Koh Hib and Thmo Sakseth (or Preah Sokhon) - Stung Treng Province

During the rainy season, Koh Hib is one of the islands that seemingly float on the Mekong River along the Ramsa preservation area. Just opposite Borey O’Svay village, Koh Hib is one of Cambodia's many eco-tourist destination. There are many families living on the island today.

Koh Phnov - Stung Treng Province

Koh Phnov, which means "island of Malabar orange", is located on the Mekong River in O’Svay commune. This island village was selected as an eco-tourism community because of its natural beauty during the dry season.

Anlong Neak & Anlong Seima - Stung Treng Province

There are many legends and traditions related to a dragon along the upper Mekong of Stung Treng province. Here in O'Svay commune, there is one special area that people called 'Anlong Neak', which means the 'dragon's lot area' and is a very deep area in the Mekong. For generations, people living along the Mekong River in Ramsa area believe that there are a couple of dragons living here, due to some obscure evidence.

'Anlong Sema' is a restricted area for fishing of the Ramsa area of Cambodia only. People say "we usually do not allow fishing in this area or even driving a boat across it. The miracle of the 'Anglong Sema' area is that the western side of the river always flows from north to south while the eastern half of river always flows from the south to north. Because of this unique behavior, we believe that this area is holy and we don't allow boats to cross here. That is why we set up a reserve for both large and small fish to spawn here."

Preah Rumkel - Stung Treng Province

In Preah Rumkel Commune, Thala borivath district, Stung Treng province, the first home stays were set up by several communities under the guidelines of a tourist expert. These home stays are idea for vistors who want to sample how local villagers live.

O’Russey Kandal - Stung Treng Province

The trend of the people in the world today is to travel. The number of visitors increases yearly both domestically and overseas. When people want to relax, they travel to other places especially to those with natural beauty. In order to serve the needs of these tourists, many areas are being preserved and developed in remote areas in the northeast of Cambodia.

Preah Ko Temple - Stung Treng Province

Located in Thala Borivath commune, Preah Ko temple can be accessed by crossing the confluence of the Se Kong and Mekong rivers. Preah Ko temple is an important historical site in Stung Treng province; it was built in the 6th-7th Centuries, during the reign of King Jayavarman I, in dedication to Brahmanism religion.

Preah Theat Temple - Stung Treng Province

Located on a hill about 3 km. away from the outskirts of Stung Treng town, the Preah Theat temple is one of the most sacred places of worship for residents and visitors alike. As such, it is an important historical site in the province. This temple was built in the 6th century during the reign of King Jayavarman I.

Brambei Lveng Temple - Stung Treng Province

Just located in the jungle about 2 km. south of Preah Ko temple is another temple ruin called 'Brambei Lveng' temple which has been rapidly deteriorating for almost three decades, due to many years of war and neglect. These temple ruins were further damaged by nature and looting.

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