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Places of Interest - Takeo Province

Tonlé Bati Resort - Takeo Province

The Tonlé Bati is a small lake located along the National Road 2, about 35 km south of Phnom Penh. It is a popular weekend destination for the local population. Innovative bamboo shelters line the side of the lake, providing resort style comfort. This is also a popular fishing spot for tourists and the local people.

Angkor Borei and Ta Keo museum - Takeo Province

There're two museums have been established in Takeo province, one located at Angkor Borei district nearby the Phnom Da temple and the other is in the central part of Takeo town. This provincial museum is one of the most interesting design and layout which adopted to the most artistic style to Phnom Da architectural arts.

Phnom Kleng Mountain - Takeo Province

Wat Phnom Kleng is one of the monasteries since 18th century, and built in the 1950s by a famous local monk. Thanks to the generous support from the people, the monastery has become a popular place in Takeo province. On the weekends, locals and non locals go there to pray for lucky and happiness.

Ta Mok House - Takeo Province

At the center fresh water lake of Takeo town, sits a house that was built by Ta Mok. The house was built in the 1977 to be used for his private residency during the Pol Pot regime between 1975-79. The house sits on top of a hill with 360 degree scenic view. From the main dirt road, one can walk to the Ta Mok's house by crossing the concrete bridge across the meters long.

Ta Nhean temple - Takeo Province

Some 3 km away from the Bayong Koa temple is Ta Nhean (which means 'grandfather Nhean' in Khmer language) temples group were erected in the early 7th century by King Bhavarman I in homage to the Hindu god Shiva.

Phnom Bayong Koa Temple - Takeo Province

Some 40 km away from the central city of Takeo province, are two groups of ruins dating back to the Pre-Angkorian period. At these sites, there is the bigger group, belonging to the Bayong Koa and a smaller at the Ta Nhean temple.

Phnom Da and Phnom Borei - Takeo Province

This site is believed to be the cradle of Khmer civilization. The Funanese built these temples at a time when they controlled modern-day southern Vietnam and Cambodia. Built from bricks, sandstone and lateritic since 4-6th century, Phnom Da is situated on a 50 meters hill, with stairs at its north eastern corner.

Visiting a silk and Kroma manufacturing village - Takeo Province

Cambodian farmers make traditional silk all throughout the kingdom but for day tripping, it may convenient to visit several interesting places such as Pea-ream and Thnoat communes in Bati district, and Tang Yab and Say-va commune in the Samrong district of Takeo province.

Neang Khmao - Takeo Province

A brick and sandstone temple in poor condition about 10 km from Ta Mao Zoo further along National Route 2. Built in the nine century and located in Rovieng Commune, Samrong district, this is the temple mentioned in the legend of Takeo's naming. About 58 km Phnom Penh.

Phnom Chiso - Takeo Province

High on a mountain, this beautiful temple with spectacular views lies at the end of a 412 step walk from the southern side, and on its eastern side for a drive to the top. Also located in Rovieng Commune, Samrong District, two kilometres past Neang Khmao Temple then turn down left, the oldest sections of the atmospheric ruins date back to the early 11th century. Built by Suryavarman I (of Angkor Wat fame), the temple is a small but impressive lateritic and sandstone structure.

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