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Places of Interest - Kampong Speu Province

Kirirom National Park - Kampong Speu Province

Kirirom National Park was initially established as a holiday resort and tourist city in 1945. The area was named Kirirom “Joyful Mountain” by the King at the suggestion of a monk from Phnom Penh. 

The mountain, which is 700 meters in height, covers an area of 35,000 hectares. It is conveniently located in Phnom Sruoch District, Kampong Speu Province, and 120 km southwest of Phnom Penh. It can be reached by National Road Nº4. 

Chambok - Kampong Speu Province

Chambok is located on the border of Kirirom National Park. The Chambok site is well known for its spectacular scenery and its peaceful nature walks. The site offers a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy including a 3.5 km hike to the amazing 40m high waterfall.

Cambodia Golf and Country Club - Kampong Speu Province

Cambodia Golf & Country Club is one of the oldest golf courses in Cambodia. The first nine holes have wide fairways and are dotted with palmtrees and other local trees while the second nine feature numerous water features.

Te Teuk Pus Hot Spring - Kampong Speu Province

Te Teuk Pus Hot Spring is located in front of Phnom Te in Phnom Te village, Sangke Sap commune, Oral district, about 60 kilometers west of the provincial town. Hot springs are rare in Cambodia. Te Teuk Pus is 100 meters in diameter. The surface of the water, which comes from six sources and smells like sulfur or limestone, is 80 square meters. The water temperature is 70 degrees Celsius.

Kirirom Hillside Resort - Kampong Speu Province

Kirirom Hillside Resort offers visitors a wide variety of leisure activities and facilities such as restaurants, a zoo, waterfalls, family shopping mart, children's playground, beautiful Dino park, fishing, canoeing, horse riding, biking and rope sliding. Visitors can also play sports such as tennis and basketball at the resort. In addition, stream, sauna, spa, swimming pool and fitness center are available beside conference and banquet facilities.

Phnom Prey Khmer Resort - Kampong Speu Province

Phnom Prey Khmer Resort is the natural resort locating in Kram Pothi Village, Kram Pothi Commune, and Phnom Souch District in 70-Kilometer distance from Phnom Penh or 22-Kilometer distance from the provincial town by the National Road No 4.

Preah Soramrith Kosomak - Kampong Speu Province

Preah Soramrith Kosomak locates at Dam Rey Phnom Village, Kirirum Commune, and Phnom Srouch District in 117-Kilometer distance from Phnom Penh. The resort of Kirirum (the former Preah Kosomak town) is the natural resort having a 700-meter height mountain and special feature for tourists such as: Enchanting forest full of pine trees with orchid flowers.

Ampe Phnom - Kampong Speu Province

Is the natural and cultural resort locating at Tang Tonle Village and Ampe Phnom Village, So Por Tep Commune and Svay Kra Van Commune, Chbar Mon District in 48-Kilometer distance from Phnom Penh, then turning left more two kilometers. The resort has Natural River with many big trees growing along.