Many resorts in Kampong Cham province ready to welcome national and international tourists on the occasion of Khmer New Year

Many resorts in Kampong Cham province are ready to welcome national and international tourists on the occasion of Khmer New Year with colourful decorations, strengthen security, and order to provide safety to create fun and attract more tourists to visit than in previous years.

Sean Sokun, Director of Kampong Cham Provincial Department of Tourism, said that in accordance with the instructions of Un Chanda, Governor of Kampong Cham Province, on behalf of the professional institutions, officials of the Department of Tourism disseminated instructions to the owners of accommodation services, food services, entertainment services, entertainment centres, and tourist resort services in the province to participate in providing good, honest, and affordable services to guests on the occasion of this traditional Khmer New Year.

He added that all natural resorts, historical resorts, and processing resorts throughout Kampong Cham province are beautifully decorated to welcome national and international tourists to visit in large numbers.

“There are up to 11 destinations for tourists to visit in Kampong Cham province, of which in Kampong Cham city there is a beach resort, Koh Pen, which is a natural resort, Phnom Han Chey, Phnom Pros, Phnom Srey, Teuk Cha, and so on.”

The director of the department also appealed to people from all walks of life, especially national and international tourists, to visit and enjoy Kampong Cham province in large numbers on the occasion of the Khmer New Year.

Kampong Cham province has organized places for Sankranti in front of the provincial hall in Kampong Cham city, as well as in districts and cities throughout the province, with Sankranti in their respective districts, so in the province, there are many places to visit, in which we have organized security and safety according to the target, and each destination is safe.

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