Cha Ung Waterfall

The waters of the Cha Ung waterfall rise in the Phnom Svay Mountain close to Ban Lung town. The waterfall is 25m high and surrounded by various creepers and by climbing plants. The scene is very picturesque- the water spray generated by the water cascading off the vegetation creates its own rainbows in the sunlight. 

Today there are new concrete stairs in place to ensure that visitors can easily access the bottom of the waterfall from the top of the hill. The waterfall has vendors selling foods, soft drinks, snacks and some local souvenirs.

Behind the waterfall is a large rocky cave from which visitors can gain a different perspective of the scenery through the water. At the base of the falls are natural scattered large boulders where trekkers can relax and take in the incredible views. 

The waterfall is located in the Kreung hill tribe village of Cha Ung, Ou Chum district. To get there, travel two kilometers beyond Ban Lung town on the National Road No.78, then turn right and follow the trail for six kilometers.

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