Veal Ram Plang

Veal Ram Plang means the Ram Plang field and is an attractive nature spot that is part of the territories of the legendary hill tribe communities living there. It is a mesa plateau area on top of a mountain in Ratanak Kiri province. On this field are grass and wild plants, which flower during the whole rainy season from May till January. Near the field is a small, clean river.

Veal Ram Plang got its name from the son of a hill tribe chief who lived in the surrounding area. According to legend, a long time ago Veal Ram Plang was the natural mountain playground for many of the local hill tribe children who used to come here to fly their kites and play.

Once day, a boy named Ram Plang, the son of the local hill tribe chief, came for his usual kite flying. When he was flying his kite, a strong wind came up and tore his kite away. It flew up and was caught on the top of the tallest Sra-lav tree (the Latin word for this tree is Vateria coincidences).

Ram Plang was unhappy about the fate of his beautiful kite so he decided to climb up the tree to get it back. Unfortunately, when he reached the top branch of Sra-lav where his kite was stuck, the branch broke and he fell to his death.

His friends reported the news to Ram Blang’s father and to the villagers. They all came to his traditional hill tribe merit ceremony funeral. Ram Plang’s body was kept there in a small tomb and his kite was put inside that tomb. Later on, his beautiful long kite became a river which still remains to this day.

The place and date of Ram Plang’s death is celebrated in a respectful ceremony by all of the hill tripe future generations.

Hill tribe people of the region came from all around to honor Ram Plang’s spirit. They brought many wine jars, food and fruit to this ceremony each year. The rice hull rubbish from the traditional hill wine was thrown away near Ram Plang’s tomb. This huge rice hull pile got bigger and bigger after many years of ceremonies until it became a small hill. 

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