Currency Exchange in Cambodia

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USDKHR 4,093KHR 4,105
THBKHR 122.00KHR 123.50
EURKHR 4,338.17KHR 4,790.12
AUDKHR 2,664.95KHR 3,119.80
VNDKHR 0.1671KHR 0.1824
CADKHR 2,894.16KHR 3,333.67
LAKKHR 0.2368KHR 0.4034
JPYKHR 32.9762KHR 36.2248
GBPKHR 5,144.08KHR 5,682.55
USDJPY 113.32JPY 124.12
USDVND 23,000VND 24,500
EURUSD 1.0599USD 1.1649
AUDUSD 0.6511USD 0.7600
CADUSD 0.7071USD 0.8121
USDLAK 10,161LAK 17,310
USDTHB 33.1903THB 33.5984

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