Stung Treng Province, a charming province located on a high sandy bank overlooking Mekong River, is about 455 km North of Phnom Penh and 40 km south of the Laos border.

The town is link to Banlung (Ratanakiri) and serves more than just a stopover. It is an important trading hub between Cambodia and Laos. The Sekong Bridge provides a convenient gateway from the border of Laos.

Tourists visit to observe the rare fresh water Irrawady dolphins, waterfalls, camping, trekking and kayaking through the wetlands. The amazing Sopheakmith Waterfall here never ceases to mesmerise visitors.

The stretch of the Mekong River here in Stung Treng Province has been designated a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and is also a great place for observing the very rare Irrawaddy dolphins. Another popular sightseeing spot in Stung Treng is Kantuy Ko, a sanctuary where you will find all kinds of animals including many endangered species. There are tigers along with other mammals and various kinds of reptiles there too.

Ta Khoun Island, a secluded, almost unexplored location, is ideal for setting up camp to have a good time.
Pristine and private, this is a good spot for letting go and observe the playful Irrawaddy Dolphins when day breaks; kayak dreamingly undisturbed; enjoy the changing shades of the day as the sun rises and sets.


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