Prek Toal Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Prek Toal Community-Based Ecotourism Site


Prek Toal Ecotourism Site was established in 1999 under support from a NGO called Osmose. Prek Toal is a floating village with a bird sanctuary. Visitors can go on guided trips by trained SVC (Sam Veasna Center) bird guides and WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) rangers to watch birds and learn about them. In addition to that, paddle boat tours through the floating village are being offered to see crocodile and fish rising farms and many more interesting things. There is also the special opportunity to stay overnight in the Environmental Research Station.


Prek Toal is located in Battambang province in the Northwest of Cambodia. Prek Toal can be reached by National Road Number 5 from Siem Reap Town by a 1/2 hours drive. From Battambang Town you can take a boat which will reach Prek Toal within 6 to 9 hours.

Attractions and Activities

Bird sanctuary in flooded forests
Enjoying paddle boat tours through the floating village
Visiting the core bird reserve in the flooded forest guided by SVC bird guides and Wildlife WCS rangers
Visiting crocodile and fish rising farms
Staying overnight in the Environmental Research Station or in a local restaurant and watching birds at dawn

CBT Products and services

CBT Products and services include Prek Toal boat services, an Environmental station with overnight facilities, WCS rangers from the Environmental Research Station and a local restaurant at Prek Toal. The guides are SVC (Sam Veasna Center) English speaking bird guides who work closely together with the WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) rangers at the Environmental Research Station. These rangers have current knowledge about the location of several bird colonies and refer it to the visitors of Prek Toal.


1 pax $240
2 pax $150 each
3 pax $120 each
4 pax $98 each
5 pax plus $98 each
Note: these prices are fully inclusive and cover a conservation contribution for WCS to monitor and protect the core reserve.

Contact address

Tel: (+855) 12 213 646

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