Preah Rumkel Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Preah Rumkel Community-Based Ecotourism Site


Preah Rumkel CBET site was established in 2007 under support from an environmental NGO called Mlup Baitong. Preah Rumkel, a small village alongside the Mekong River, has quiet, beautiful places for watching Irrawaddy dolphins. It is on the way to the great Mekong Falls which leave a big impression on every visitor. Preah Rumkel is located in a wetland area and has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife and bird watching. In addition to that, visitors can try the famous sticky rice wine which is only available at Preah Rumkel community.


Preah Rumkel is located in Thalaborivat district, Stung Treng province . It is very close to the Lao border. Stung Treng Town can be reached by bus, minibus or taxi from Phnom Penh along National Road Number 6 and 7. It takes about 8 to 10 hours. From Stung Treng Town it takes another hour by speed boat to get to Preah Rumkel.

Attractions and Activities

Irrawaddy dolphins living in this part of the Mekong River
Walking through the forest to the great Mekong Waterfalls
Swimming in the clear water and enjoy
Watching a diversity of birds and wildlife
Bicycling around the villages
Partaking in unique cultural events such as boat racing ceremonies, classical dancing and music performances or a fishing process with traditional local traps
Tasting local rice wine produced in the Preah Rumkel community (unique in Cambodia)

CBT Products and services

CBT Products and services include homestay, food prepared by local Khmer and Lao people and an English speaking guide. From February to April they offer BBQ with freshly local fish on the clear sand islands.


Entrance Fee: Khmer 0.25 $, foreign adults 2$ , foreign children 1$
Boat: Machine boat from Cambodia-Lao border to Preah Rumkel bidirectional: 15$/boat (maximum 5 tourists) Machine Boat from Preah Rumkel to the Mekong waterfall bidirectional: 20$/boat (Maximum 5 tourists)
Homestay: Khmer 3$/night per person, foreigner 5$/night per person
Food: Breakfast 1.5$/per person; lunch and dinner 2.5$/per person
Guide (English speaking): 10$/day

Contact address

Mr. Pon Sambo
Tel: (+855) 12 425 172

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