Virachey National Park Community-Based Ecotourism Initiative

Virachey National Park Community-Based Ecotourism Initiative


Virachey National Park was established in 2004 by MoE (Ministry of Environment). With its 3.325 square kilometers, Virachey National Park is the largest National Park among seven other National Parks in Cambodia. It offers an incredible insight into the variety of both Cambodia's still existing wilderness and wildlife. Visitors can go on multiday guided trekking trips through the Park including outdoor camping at night.


Virachey National Park is located within Rattanak kiri and Stung Treng provinces. It shares border with Lao and Vietnam. Banlung, the capital of Rattanak kiri province, can be reached by bus from Phnom Penh. This takes about 12 hours. Virachey National Park is 50km away from Banlung. During dry season it takes roughly 1 hour to get there by car or 1 ½ hours to get there by motorbike. During rainy season the drive takes about 4 ½ to 5 hours due to the road conditions.

Attractions and Activities

Guided excursions and treks through the forest

Phnom Veal Thom wilderness trek
Trip duration: 7 days/6 nights or 8 days/7 nights
Village homestay, extended wilderness trekking tour to the natural Montane Grassland with ranger guide and indigenous guide
Kalang Chhouy Sacred Mountain trek
Trip duration: 2 days/1 night or 3 days/2nights
Trekking trip through the villages and the national park, overnight camping in the forest at a waterfall, second night beside the Chour Preah rapids
O'Lapeung trek
Trip duration: 3 days/2nights or 4 days/3 nights
Village homestay, overnight Jungle camping, trekking along section of Ho Chi Minh trail, returning by inflatable Kayaking
CBT Products and services
CBT products and services include 5 homestays, tents inside the National Park which gives tourists the opportunity to camping overnight in the jungle, moreover four English speaking ranger guides and 11 community guides (khmer speaking). Handicrafts can be bought from local people.


1. Phnom Veal Thom wilderness trek (7 days/6 nights):
1 person $207,50
2 p. $350,00
3 p. $557,50
4 p. $700,00
5 p. $890,00

2. Kalang Chhouy trek (2 days/1 night):
1 person $64,00
2 p. $118,00
3 p. $172,00
4 p. $226,00
5 p. $290,00

3. O'Lapeung trek (3 days/2 nights):
1 person $160,00
2 p. $230,00
3 p. $375,00
4 p. $445,00

Contact address

Mr. Thon Soukhon
Tel: (+855) 077 965 196

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